7 Women Who Took a Stand for Normal Bodies in 2015

This year in female empowerment

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It’s not easy being a woman. It’s especially not easy being a woman when the entire world is scrutinizing every inch of your body. That’s what it’s like for female celebrities, who are bombarded by blog posts and tweets about how they’re too fat or too thin or too [insert literally any body descriptor]. That’s why it’s so refreshing to hear from these seven women who just didn’t give a fuhhhhhh…

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Annie Leibovitz for Pirelli


Amy Schumer

There's no denying this is the year of Schumer. And it's not just because of her first blockbuster flick (and Golden Globe nom). She also changed the course of the legendary Pirelli calendar forever.

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Melissa McCarthy

The year 2016 shall bring us all the Ghostbusters reboot. But 2015? That was when the designer-turned-actress released her debut clothing line (which comes in sizes 4 to 28).

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Serena Williams

Remember when that Internet troll said Serena Williams was built like a man? Well, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling came back with the assist--tweeting a smokin’ picture of Williams and the caption: “You’re an idiot.”

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Noam Galai/Getty Images


Misty Copeland

As the American Ballet Theater’s first black female principal dancer, Misty Copeland broke not only racial barriers but also body-type ones. Meaning: Google that Under Armour commercial.


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Kelly Clarkson

What's a new mom to do when you get called out for weight criticisms? You go on Watch What Happens Live and say “Screw 'em.”

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Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images



Speaking of new moms, this woman can do no wrong--especially breaking out a curve-hugging full-sequined number for her recent Radio City Music Hall concert on NBC.

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Chrissy Teigen

Two words: stretch marks. Bless you, model/chef/author/host/BFF Chrissy Teigen.

susan waits

Lousy baker, stellar shopping buddy

You can find Susan either blissfully buried in a pile of clothes or on a plane between L.A. and NYC.