Miami’s New Candy Museum Is Here, and It’s a Sugar-Filled Dream

Welcome to Miami’s own Candy Land. It’s called Candytopia, and it’s the latest Instagram-fueled exhibit to take over the city. Open through the end of January, the experience is like a hands-on museum, letting you take in the sights (and snap a few hundred pics) as you immerse yourself in a sugarcoated world. If you’re on the fence about attending—or aren’t sure you can make it—no worries. We’ve got your golden ticket to take a sneak peek inside.

candytopia miami beyonce

This confectionary wonderland features more than a dozen curated rooms and exhibits, including numerous pieces of artwork made completely out of candy. (There’s even a picture of Beyoncé made out of blue, orange and red candies. You can’t make this stuff up.)

Keep an eye out for candy-coated unicorn pigs, a flashy confetti room and a life-size pool filled with more than 300,000 faux marshmallows. Candy samples are offered throughout the entire experience, including chocolate truffles and gummy bears.  

You may already be familiar with Candytopia’s creator, global candy artist Jackie Sorkin, who once starred in a TLC reality show called Candy Queen. Before coming to Miami, she’s dazzled more than 1.4 million attendees across the country, with Candytopia pop-ups in New York and California.

candytopia mia square

As of today, tickets are still available, but if the museum’s other outposts are any indication, they’ll last about as long as a Tootsie Pop. Reserve yours now and start practicing your cannonball...for the marshmallow pool, of course.

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