Everything We Know About Brandon Sklenar (AKA Atlas in 'It Ends With Us')

We've seen him grace the small screen as Spencer Dutton in 1923, and now, he's starring alongside Blake Lively in  Colleen Hoover's It Ends With Us. We're talking about none other than Brandon Sklenar, who will play Atlas in the romantic drama. And in honor of the film's upcoming release, we're compiling a list of all the things you need to know about the 33-year-old actor.

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1. Who Is Brandon Sklenar?

Brandon Sklenar is an actor who currently stars in the Yellowstone spin-off, 1923. Previously, he had guest roles in Truth Be Told, New Girl, Westworld and The Offer. He also starred in films like Mapplethorpe, Vice, Midway and The Big Ugly.

While speaking with Man About Town about his role in 1923, he said, "Spencer taught me a lot and continues to. I think having not experienced war myself, the small glimpse into how I would react to it surprised me. You might react with humour or whatever your coping mechanism is. It’s a constant learning process. I’ve never enjoyed playing a character or working on a project as much as this, so it’s truly a blessing that I’m associated with 1923. I’m excited to continue that journey."

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2. What Is It Ends With Us About?

In It Ends With Us, a young woman named Lily moves to Boston and meets a neurosurgeon named Ryle. They fall in love and start to date, but when an incident triggers a dark memory from Lily's past, she begins to second-guess their future together. To make matters even more complicated, Lily's ex, Atlas, comes back into her life.

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3. What Is His Role in It Ends With Us?

Sklenar portrays Lily's childhood friend and first love, Atlas Corrigan. Following their young romance, he leaves to join the military but promises to return to Lily.

In present-day, Atlas reconnects with Lily after she starts her relationship with Ryle. But this only complicates things further.

4. Is He on Social Media?

Although he's not very active on social media, Sklenar currently has an Instagram account. So far, the actor has shared a few portraits, red carpet photos and screengrabs from 1923.

5. Is Brandon Sklenar in a Relationship?

By the looks of his Instagram profile, Sklenar doesn't have a public romance. Although we're unsure of his relationship status, it'll be a treat to see his on-screen chemistry with Lively in It Ends With Us.

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