I Can't Stop Thinking About This Sci-Fi Horror Flick on Amazon Prime—Here's Why You Need to Watch

If Jordan Peele's Get Out and Black Mirror had a love child, then I imagine it would look something like Black Box.

The Blumhouse sci-fi horror flick, which is now streaming on Amazon Prime, initially caught my attention because of its striking poster art, where a Black man appears to be looking through another Black man's hollow and cracked head. When I skimmed through the plot and discovered that the iconic Phylicia Rashad is in the cast, I was sold.

In case you're unfamiliar with the movie, it follows Nolan Wright (Mamoudou Athie), a young father who survives a devastating car crash. After losing his wife and developing amnesia, Nolan struggles to care for his daughter, and this prompts him to undergo an experimental treatment. However, as he begins to recall old memories, he suspects that there's a lot of darkness hidden in his past.

When I started this movie, I was certain that I'd see social commentary and layers of symbolism in every other scene. Perhaps it was that mysterious poster, which made me think of Get Out's dark theme of the possession of Black bodies. Or maybe it's just that I've seen too many Black horror films where the big monster turns out to be racism. Still, I'm pleasantly surprised to admit that I was wrong about this film. As it turns out, Black Box is straight-up horror, complete with super advanced technology and major twists. Read on to see why this underrated gem is worth your time.

1. 'black Box' Centers On Black Characters And (for Once) Their Race Is Irrelevant

Don't get me wrong, thought-provoking films that expose the real-life horrors of racism are necessary, but so are Black horror stories that don't point to issues like racial injustice and oppression. In this case, Black Box relies on pure fiction, creating a genuinely terrifying storyline that, for once, doesn't constantly remind viewers of the real-life evil that lurks just beyond their TV screens. It's incredibly refreshing.

2. It's Seriously Terrifying

Even as I write this, I'm still haunted by the movie's twist ending. Don't worry, I won't spoil it for you. But I will say that this movie has quite a few jump scares and it'll definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. (FYI, if you fright easily, then you might want to watch this one with a friend or two.)

3. 'black Box' Has So Many Solid Performances

As previously mentioned, Rashad was one of my main reasons for watching this film (and of course, she totally nailed it as Dr. Lilian Brooks), but I have to give props to the rest of the cast as well. The stellar line-up includes Amanda Christine as Ava Wright, Tosin Morohunfola as Dr. Gary Yeboah and Charmaine Bingwa as Miranda Brooks. However, my favorite would have to be Christine, who pretty much steals every scene she enters.

While speaking with Hey Guys about her decision to join the film, Rashad revealed, "I just though it was a very good story, a very human story, and I like the way it was told in the script."

While discussing the complicated characters, she continued, "There were so many layers, and [the main character] had to really peel that onion to get to the center of it all, and what that primary intention was all about. I liked that."

4. It Has Its Poignant Moments

I absolutely love how this film balances horror and drama, giving us plenty of poignant moments. These can be as small as the look on Ava's face when she sees her dad struggling, or Dr. Gary's persistent attempts to help his best friend, even as he continues to spiral. Beneath all the jump scares and suspense lies an even deeper story that most viewers will probably connect to. One that makes this film feel like a lot more than a 100-minute scare fest.

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