This Korean Revenge Drama on Netflix Had Me on the Edge of My Seat the Entire Time

*Trigger warning: This show involves bullying and abuse*

K-dramas: You either love them or…you just can’t get into them. I just started getting into K-dramas myself after trying for the longest time to watch an entire series without dropping it (usually due to the length of the episodes). Recently, I was talking to a friend, who isn’t a fan of the genre, about a new Korean show I’d heard good things about. After she agreed to watch it with me, I opened up my laptop, turned on Netflix and pressed play on the first episode of the South Korean drama, The Glory. Immediately, my friend and I knew we had stumbled upon one of our new favorite shows. Here’s why it’s a must-binge.

The Glory follows a young woman named Moon Dong-eun (played by Song Hye-kyo), who seeks revenge against her childhood bullies. Years after the tragic incident, she devises a plan to ruin the lives of the people that tormented her.

When I say I was glued to my laptop screen for the entire first episode, I’m not exaggerating. To be clear, this show is not an easy watch. While the first episode sets up the narrative beautifully, it’s hard not to see that the central character, Dong-eun, has such a tragic backstory.

Song Hye kyo The Glory Netflix CAT

The episode begins with a brief introduction to teenage Dong-eun (portrayed by Jung Ji-so). In the opening scene, she is sitting in a police station after reporting the abuse from her tormentors. 

Not only do they get off scot-free, but Dong-eun’s homeroom teacher actually blames her for reporting the incident, and says no harm was done from “just a small prank.” 

While watching the episode, I was completely blown away by Jung Ji-so’s phenomenal performance as young Dong-eun. Whenever she is onscreen, the 23-year-old actress truly shines with her stellar line delivery and strong presence. 

Jung Ji-so in 'The Glory.'

Throughout the first episode, I was kept on the edge of my seat the entire time. As I watched Dong-eun, I couldn’t wait to find out what she has in store for her tormentors. There is never a dull moment and the narrative keeps a brisk pace.

Before the first episode ends, we’re brought to the present. Finally, Dong-eun comes face-to-face with her lead tormentor. As a final declaration, Dong-eun says that she will not rest until her former bully feels all the pain she felt all those years ago—chills.

While some fans may be hoping for a second season, it seems highly unlikely that The Glory will return for another installment. The first part of the season premiered on Netflix in December 2022 and the second half debuted on the streaming service in March 2023. No spoilers here, but given how the season ended, we’d be surprised if the show came back for more.

The series is only 16 episodes, and trust me, it’s an absolute binge-watch. 

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