‘Abbott Elementary’ Gets Renewed for Season 4 Mere Days After Season 3 Premiere

We'll be seeing more of the Abbott staff

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It looks like school will be back in session, because ABC has confirmed that Abbott Elementary season four is officially a go.

Per Deadline, William Stanford Davis, who plays Mr. Johnson on the Emmy-winning sitcom, announced that there will be another season during Disney’s Television Critics Association Press Tour in February. The renewal comes as no surprise, however, given the show's massive success since it first aired in 2021.

When asked about what makes the show such a big hit, creator and star Quinta Brunson told ABC News, "The secret sauce is comedy first. Since the show has come out, there have been many things added, many facets like, 'Oh, Abbott shines a light on teachers,' which we do, [and] 'Abbott shines a light on a diverse community,' which we do...That to me is not as important as making comedy first and foremost. That is why I think we're having continued success, because my main goal is to make someone be able to sit down and share a laugh with us."

So, what can fans expect to see in season four? Which characters will return? Here's what we know so far.

1. When Was Abbott Elementary Season 4 Confirmed?

On February 7, just three days after the premiere of season three, ABC announced that the sitcom would be returning for another season. The show's official Instagram also celebrated the big news by sharing a screenshot of Deadline's announcement and wrote, "Because we all deserve a little more Abbott in our lives. #AbbottElementary will be coming back for Season 4!"

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2. What Will Abbott Elementary Season 4 Be About?

Details about season four haven't been revealed yet, but Brunson did reveal in a previous interview that she'd been thinking ahead, in terms of how she wants the series to end.

In 2023, she told Deadline, "I know what I want the ending of Abbott to be, which helps me. We’re just going toward that point. And I don’t know how many seasons we’ll have, so as long as I keep that ending in mind, we can always move toward it."

3. Who Will Be in the Cast of Abbott Elementary Season 4?

Casting hasn't been confirmed, but given that the show revolves around the teachers and staff at Abbott Elementary, it's very likely that we'll see the main cast return, including Quinta Brunson as Janine Teagues, Tyler James Williams as Gregory Eddie, Janelle James as Ava Coleman, Lisa Ann Walter as Melissa Schemmenti, Sheryl Lee Ralph as Barbara Howard and Chris Perfetti as Jacob Hill.

It's also likely that recurring characters, like Tariq Temple (played by Zach Fox) and Tina Schwartz (played by Kate Peterman), will make a return.

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