Every Person You'll See at Your High School Reunion

Nerds turned hot, studs turned...not

You got the invite in August. After a solid month of hemming and hawing, you reluctantly sent in your RSVP. Cut to three weeks of panic, two trips to the salon and one exorbitantly expensive LBD purchase. Your high school reunion is upon you, and, God help you, you will crush it. Here, the 14 people you are absolutely guaranteed to see there.


The Overly Organized

Paula may not have been class president, but she sure is excited about name tags.


The Overly Eager

Yeahhhhh, it's really really really really really great to see you, too, Shelley...


The Former Nerd

Who now looks like Paul Rudd.


The Former Stud

Who now looks like Paul Giamatti.  

The Accidental Drunk

Uh oh, it seems Gina from math-letes hit the spritzers a little too hard.


The Aspiring Don Juan

He never slept with anyone in high school and Scott's out to make up for lost time fast. 


The Obvious Show-off

Yeah, Doug. We get it. You do CrossFit.

The "remind Me Of Your Name?"

Lisa. We want to say Lisa...

The Creepy Upper Classman

Wait, how did Jarrett get in here?


The Newly Out And Fabulous

And all that time we just thought Greg loved Sondheim.


The Wandering Husband

Typically found circling the cheese table and begging to go home. 

The Secret Gem

At 18, Stacy was a mean girl who worshipped Wet Seal. At 38, she's kiiiinda someone we want to watch The Bachelor with.


The Same As He Ever Was

Martin may or may not be Benjamin Buttonning. And we may or may not...wait, ARE WE IN LOVE WITH MARTIN?


The Crutch

The Romy to your Michele. Find her. Call her. Walk in with her.

susan waits

Lousy baker, stellar shopping buddy

You can find Susan either blissfully buried in a pile of clothes or on a plane between L.A. and NYC.