The 9 Best Articles to Read at the Beach This Summer

You’re going to the beach, and you want to be entertained, but you don’t feel like lugging a giant hardcover book in your bag. Here are nine articles to save on your phone so you can read start-to-finish while working on your tan. 

The Best Beach Reads of Summer 2018


If You Bingewatched All Of Season 2 Of queer Eye And Now You're Sad It’s Over...

Read about one of the show’s stars Jonathan Van Ness, and his quest to take down toxic masculinity. (Washington Post)

Twentieth Century FOx

If You Can Quote the Devil Wears Prada By Heart...

Read about how verbal abuse in the fashion industry is going out of style—finally. (NY Magazine)

Vicky Wasik for Serious Eats

If You Use Oat Milk In Your Coffee And Almond Milk In Your Cereal...

Read about the history of soymilk, which predated today’s alt-milk craze. (Serious Eats)


If You've Recently Hopped On The Metal Straw Bandwagon...

Read about the advantages and ecological problems of disposable plastic straws. (The Atlantic)

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

If You're Still Mourning The Loss Of Anthony Bourdain...

Read The Wire creator David Simon’s funny and insightful tribute to his longtime friend. (The Audacity of Despair)

Illustration by Alicia Tatone for GQ

If You've Ever Passed By A Hooters And Thought 'why Though?'...

Read about whether, in 2018, there’s still a place for Hooters and restaurants like it. (GQ)

Warner Bros. Pictures

If You Watched—and Adored—ocean's 8...

Read about the trouble with Hollywood’s gender flips. (The New York Times Magazine)

Illustration by Katie Kosma for Longreads

If You're A Reality Tv Fanatic...

Read about the rise and fall of one of the genre’s first programs, The Real World. (Longreads)

Fotos International/Getty Images

If It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood...

Read a touching portrait of the children’s television icon Fred Rogers. (Hazlitt)