People Are Having Silent Reading Parties and...Sure

silent reading party hero

You gave book club a shot. And you wanted to like it, you really did. But when all was said and done, it was just too much…talking.

We respect that, and encourage you to consider the silent reading party, a totally-real thing that people are absolutely doing.

Basically, a silent reading party is when a group of bookish people meet up to read in silence—together. Some cities, like Brooklyn; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle (obviously), have groups you can join, but organizing your own really isn’t that hard. Just invite a bunch of people—they can be friends, but they don’t have to be—to a set location at a set time and make sure everyone understands the premise: bring a book and be quiet. You can go all out with wine, cheese and a little ambient music or keep it simple, sustenance-free and silent.

Introverts do the darndest things.

sarah stiefvater

Wellness Director

Sarah Stiefvater is PureWow's Wellness Director. She's been at PureWow for ten years, and in that time has written and edited stories across all categories, but currently focuses...