Exclusive: Georgia Clark’s ‘It Had to Be You’ Is the Charming Modern Love Story We Need Right Now—See the Cover

Anyone else feeling desperate for an escape from reality in the form of a book? Same, which is why we're positively jazzed about It Had to Be You, a new novel from author Georgia Clark (The Bucket List) that's coming out May 11, 2021.

For the past twenty years, Liv and Eliot have run Brooklyn’s top wedding planning business. After Eliot dies while visiting his younger girlfriend, Savannah, he leaves his half of the wedding planning business to her. To Liv’s horror, Savannah won’t sell, so Liv finds herself widowed and running a business with her polar opposite.

Check out an exclusive first look at the book's cover below, followed by an interview with Clark about working on a book during a pandemic, the wedding-related job she'd never want to do and writing about wedding planning while...planning her own wedding.

it had to be you cover
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PureWow: This isn't your first book; what are the major differences between writing/promoting a book in normal times versus during Covid?

Georgia Clark: Breaking through the noise and finding the discipline to write is hard on a good day! COVID has made everything exponentially more challenging. No one wants to appear glib, narcissistic or tone deaf in this stressful time, and I think most people making and promoting creative work worry about that, including me. What I try to remember is: we contain multitudes. We’re entirely capable of caring about public health/the election/Black Lives Matter and enjoying a delicious, sexy romantic comedy. Protest in the streets, party in the sheets. Plus, this book (like all my books) celebrates diversity, so I see it as connected to the broader fight for equality and empathy. Can rom coms save the world? I think so.

PW: What was it like writing this book while planning/having your own wedding? Do you ever want to read/talk about weddings again?!

GC: It’s true, I wrote a book about two mismatched, modern wedding planners while planning my own! Everyone who’s ever planned a wedding knows that while the Big Day is a magic, glorious love-fest, the planning is, er, not that. So escaping into the funny, heartfelt world of It Had To Be You during the planning was actually a real balm. This book is a love letter to rom coms—there’s five, interconnecting stories. Sort of an updated Love Actually (but way less *problematic*). And I’ll always love weddings. Rituals are meaningful, community connects us, and dance-floors are fun. What’s not to like?

PW: You cover a lot of the moving parts that come with many weddings (florists, caterers, musicians, etc.). Which job would you love to try? Which would you avoid at all costs?

GC: I have a super hot, sweet storyline between two musicians, Zach and Darlene, who work as wedding band duo. But is their onstage chemistry real, or not… It was so enjoyable to bring these two to life—we see them write a song together, which I think is the ultimate romantic act, maybe?! So that’s my first pick: wedding singer. Unfortunately I’m about as musical as a banana. Being a server would be tough: I have a character, Zia, whose job that is, but she is infinitely more gracious and cool than I am. Fortunately Zia meets a ridiculously hot, interesting movie star at the first wedding we meet her at, so things might be looking up for her . . .

PW: We know this book hasn't even come out yet, but what's next?!

GC: I’m still hosting and performing at a monthly Generation Women show, which is my multigenerational storytelling night. (We used to be a live event in NY, now we’re virtual). I’m writing another TV pilot. And yes, onto book #6! This one is about two very different families who end up stuck together in a unique (and gorgeous) location. Obviously, there’s a dreamy queer rom com at the hot, beating heart of it. Look out for it 2023 (eep). In the meantime, thanks for joining my cover reveal party—May 2021, here we cooooommmmeee!

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