The New Psychological Thriller from the Author of ‘The Girl on the Train’

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Paula Hawkins’s smash-hit debut novel, The Girl on the Train, has sold almost 20 million copies worldwide and been adapted into a movie starring Emily Blunt. You've probably heard of it.

Well, Hawkins is back with a new book, Into the Water, and psychological thriller fans everywhere are going bonkers with excitement.

Set in the northern England village of Beckford, Into the Water tells the story of a series of mysterious drowning deaths (some suicide, some not), all occurring at a local river known as the “Drowning Pool.”

The most recent was that of Nel Abbott, a single mother who had been working on a book about the Drowning Pool at the time of her death. Her estranged sister Jules returns to Beckford to watch after Nel’s 15-year-old daughter, Lena, and doesn’t believe that her free-spirited sister could’ve taken her own life. So begins an amateur investigation.

What follows is a twisty parade of unreliable narrators that comes to a head with an unexpected twist on the book’s last page. Told in a whopping 11 narrative voices (all of whom have their own version of “the truth”), the plot can be hard to keep up with, but the climax is truly worth your time.

While this is certainly no The Girl on the Train, it’ll definitely keep you turning the pages. And yes, this one’s going to be a movie, too.

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