Dragon’s Blood Is the Khaleesi-Approved Ingredient You’re About to See in All Your Hair Products

shapoo from sans ceuticals with dragons blood

When it comes to achieving commercial-worthy hair, there are few things we won’t try (like beer masks for starters). So when we heard about dragon’s blood as a new trend in hair care we were all ears, and not just because it sounds seriously badass. Turns out, it’s a pretty effective natural ingredient that can help boost volume and shine while encouraging healthier hair growth. Here’s what you need to know about this intriguing new trend.

First things first: Where does dragon’s blood come from? Sadly (or maybe reassuringly) it is not culled from Westeros. Dragon’s blood refers to the red, blood-like sap of the dragon tree, found mostly in South America. 

Why would we want it in our hair products? Dragon’s blood has been used for ages to heal cuts and bruises because it’s such a powerful antioxidant. As for caring for your hair, those same antioxidants work wonders for nourishing your scalp (ow, sunburns) and repairing any damage from chemical processes (like bleaching or keratin straightening treatments) or even excessive scratching from dandruff. And nice, thick hair growth starts with a healthy scalp.

What does it smell like? On its own, the sap has an earthy scent, almost like amber. But once it's been incorporated into a product, the scent is pretty unnoticeable.

Sounds great. Where can we get some of this magic sap? Lucky for you, getting a bit of dragon’s blood into your routine does not require learning how to tap a tree. Brands like sans [ceuticals] are including it in their products, like the Volumizing Hair Wash and Volumizing Hair Hydratant, or you can pick up Sheamoisture’s Dragon’s Blood & Coffee Cherry shampoo at Ulta.

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