5 Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Sleep Routine

You go through the same motions every night: Eat dinner, watch some TV, take a relaxing shower, brush your teeth and hit the hay. While you may not see any need to change it up, we’re encouraging you to take a look at these small tweaks that we think will improve your entire night. Ahead, five ways to upgrade your bedtime routine.

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Tailor Your Bedding To Your Body

Sheets and pillows are not one-size-fits-all. The key to a good night’s sleep is knowing your body. Do you sweat at night? Is your skin sensitive? What position do you sleep in? Answering these important questions will help you choose bedding that complements you and makes you feel most comfortable. For instance, if you tend to get hot at night, cooling linen is better than heavy satin. As for your pillow, opt for a thin one if you’re a back sleeper, a very thin one if you’re a stomach sleeper or a firm, gusseted pillow if you’re a side sleeper.

Use Double-duty Skin Care Products

Imagine a night cream that not only enhances your skin but also promotes sleep. Say what? Algenist Genius Sleeping Collagen works overnight to nourish and hydrate your skin so you’ll wake up looking naturally dewy. The buttery sleeping cream is packed with the company’s patented Alguronic Acid, a naturally sourced and sustainably produced regenerative compound from algae that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, as well as vegan plant collagen that smooths and softens. And since beauty rest is crucial for looking and feeling your best, a tranquil blend of natural, stress-relieving notes are released during application. Dreams do come true.

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Focus On Your Completed Tasks

If you lie in bed at night thinking about all the things you didn’t complete that day, you aren’t alone. However, this could leave you feeling stressed or anxious, and that’s definitely not going to help you fall asleep faster. Instead of dwelling on what you didn’t get around to, focus on the tasks you successfully crossed off your list. This will leave you feeling satisfied with all you’ve accomplished rather than defeated by everything you didn’t.

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Ban The Blue Light

If you haven’t heard by now, staring at the TV, your phone or any other blue-light-emitting screens before going to bed hinders your body’s ability to produce melatonin. To naturally promote this sleep-inducing hormone, use dim lighting like amber bulbs, salt lamps or even candles. The relaxing atmosphere signals your body it’s time to wind down and helps you to get the best sleep possible.

Improve Your Air Quality

In a recent study, air pollution was shown to have a negative effect on sleep. Small particles in the air, like dust and dirt, can irritate your throat and sinuses, which may lead to breathing issues and disrupt your slumber. To improve your bedroom’s air quality, invest in an air purifier to eliminate allergens and pollution. Or, if you live in a dry climate, try using a humidifier to add moisture to the air.


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