The One Trick You Need to Know Before Taking Wedding Photos

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You’ve got enough to think about on your wedding day. Not only are you marrying the love of your life in front of 157 of your closest family members and friends, you’ve got to look photogenic while doing it. No small task.

Sure, hiring a photographer who’s trained to capture your best angles and a hair-and-makeup glam squad is half the battle, but there’s another Hollywood-approved trick to always looking your best. It’s called the squinch.

What the heck is the squinch? It's actually a combination of squinting and pinching. To start, tighten your eyes as if you were going to squint. But simultaneously, you should ever-so-slightly relax your top lids. The goal is to let the lower ones do more of the work. 

You can employ this trick when you’re gazing into the eyes of your fiancé (and soon to be hubby) at the altar or when you’re tossing your bouquet to all your single BFFs. You can even put it into practice in the microseconds before you’re about to get cake smashed in your face.

The point: It’s all about looking confident and relaxed…even if your brain is freaking out with a zillion last-minute wedding-related panic attacks. (Who are all these people? Did I make the right choice about being married to this guy forever? Where's my wine?)

As far as the photographer and your guests know, you’re chill.

Squinch, accomplished.

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