5 Things to Know Before Coloring Your Hair at Home

Maybe you attempted your first non-salon hair dye in the freshman dorm bathrooms. Or maybe you’ve never dreamed of touching the stuff. Either way, we know that endless aisle of hair color is a tad daunting. But new year, new you, right? So we broke down everything you need to know about trying a fresh shade without setting foot in a salon. Look at you, owning 2018.

How To Choose The Perfect Shade

The trick? Stick to a color no more than two to three shades darker or lighter.

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How To Keep The Color Vibrant

Hint: You're going to want to use two boxes in order to make sure every strand of hair is equally covered.

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What To Do If You Have A Pixie

It's all about pushing the hair upward to coat strands evenly.

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How To Protect It For Days To Come

PSA: dye is drying. Keep your locks in tip-top shape by washing less and nourishing more.

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And Basically Everything Else You Need To Know

From how to section your hair to what to wear while you’re coloring it. Deep breath. You’ve got this.

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