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Raw, cracked hands are not a good look. More importantly, they feel pretty awful. We’ve experienced the dry, itchy misery firsthand (pun intended) and come out the other side with six easy tips to save you the pain.

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hand cream chicago winter hands

Hand Cream—All the Time

This is your baseline: Tote a travel-sized hand cream with you wherever you go and reapply throughout the day. We love ultra-rich but fast-absorbing options like Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream ($5) and C.O. Bigelow Chapped Hands Remedy ($14).

cuticle care chicago winter hands
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Up Your Cuticle Game

Hand cream is great, but consider a good cuticle treatment because #Chiberia. Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream ($6) is one of our favorites. Massage it into your nail beds a couple nights a week. Go easy on the cuticle cutters while you’re at it: It’s easy to go overboard and make matter worse.

wear gloves chicago winter hands
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Gloves. Everywhere.

We’re right there with your mom on this: You need to wear gloves whenever you’re outside. Invest in a pair with conductive fabric for touch screens so you can use your phone without slipping your gloves off.

wash your hand carefully chicago winter hands

Watch How You Wash

Hot water can feel so good when it’s below zero outside, but it’s hell for hands. Use tepid water and a gentle, moisturizing soap. If you’re washing dishes or cleaning around the house, wear rubber gloves.

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update your nighttime routine chicago winter rhands

Upgrade Your Nighttime Ritual

Not to get too precious, but nighttime hand treatments can go a long way if your hands are really hurting. Keep it simple with No7’s Protect and Perfect Intense Overnight Hand Treatment ($15), or explore the world of moisturizing hand gloves—we like to think of them as pajamas for your hands.

humidify your home chicago winter hands

Humidify Your Home

Any heating system will dry you out, but radiators are especially harsh. Counteract the dryness by running a humidifier in your bedroom for some next-level beauty sleep.

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