TikTok’s ‘Get Unready with Me’ Routine Isn’t Complete Without This $11 Face Oil

Treating yourself doesn’t have to be expensive

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There’s something so satisfying about going through your skincare routine after a long day. The only thing more satisfying? Watching other people do it. Which is why we can’t get enough of TikTok’s famous ‘Get Unready with Me’ videos. Not only are they oddly soothing, but they’re also chock-full of product recommendations we can see in action, like the latest #GUWM must-have that’s a real stroke of genius (yes, we’re that pumped about it): Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Face Oil. This oil not only gives these influencers soft, supple skin, but with a price tag of $11, it’s proof positive that you don’t need to spend a fortune to feel (and look) like a million bucks.  

Why is Palmer’s face oil such a unicorn in the beauty world? Well, its nourishing formula is made with cocoa butter, retinol, vitamin C and ten pure oils, including rosehip (which is why the smell is to die for). These ingredients work together to tackle fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and uneven skin, as well as improve and brighten tone and texture. Plus, it’s safe for all skin types—from oily to sensitive—dermatologist-approved, provides 48 hours of moisture and is available to shop right on Amazon. But let’s get to why we’re all really here: the influencer reviews.

“I have spent so much money on products over the years—and I cannot believe this product is only $11.”

Whitney Risner (@whitneymarierisnerr) has struggled with hormonal acne for years and admits she used to pick at her face, leaving her with dark spots she felt insecure about—and always had to cover with makeup. (We feel seen.) She finally decided to show her skin some love with Palmer’s and couldn’t believe how well it helped fade her pesky dark spots. The fact that it also helped reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles was the cherry on top. Her takeaway: “This face oil helped me combat those dark spots and helps elevate my confidence without makeup.” 

“It’s time to stop breaking the bank with overpriced products when Palmer’s can have you looking this good.”

As Sahar Khorramnezha (sistalkswithsahar) says,When it comes to my face, I’m gonna go to a brand that I trust.” Post-nose job, Sahar can’t use the same products as before, so she turned to Palmer’s, which is gentle on her skin and already a staple in her house. Watch as she puts the oil on half her face, declaring that one side was plump and “looks bomb” and the other, non-treated side is “giving dry.”

“I’ve been getting a lot of comments that say my skin actually looks a lot clearer and to that, I agree.”

First off, Katie Clark ( loves the soothing rose scent, which she says is especially calming before she goes to bed. She uses a few drops on her face and neck both in the evening and during the day (don’t forget the SPF!) and shares the receipts, aka before-and-after photos. Calling her skin “a lot smoother and overall just more clear,” Katie admits, “I would never guess the cost of it…I really love this facial oil.”

“It’s really lightweight, it doesn’t feel like you have a heavy oil on your skin.”

Palmer’s face oil “put the glow in my glow-up routine,” says Nikita Patton (@niki_patton). Plus, she loves using it on her sensitive skin: “This makes my skin feel so soft and glowy and after awhile, it’s been fading my dark spots.” Her enthusiasm alone has us sold.

So, after all that praise, we imagine you’d like to try Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil yourself. Good news: For a limited time, you can use code 15PALMERS at checkout for 15 percent off (valid with purchase on Thank us later.

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