These TikTokers Are Revealing Their Secret to Waking Up to Refreshed, Cleaner-Feeling Hair

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Raise your hand if you’ve watched hours of GRWM videos on TikTok. Same here, and we are not embarrassed to admit it. We are, however, growing a bit tired of scrolling through variations of the same thing on repeat. So, when we started seeing reverse GRWM videos sprinkled throughout our feed we were delighted. Yup, we’re talking nighttime routines.

The common theme among these TikTokers? Attempting to figure out how much longer they can get away without washing their hair. Fortunately for them (and us), they all share the same secret weapon: Batiste Overnight Deep Cleanse Dry Shampoo ($9).

What Is Batiste Overnight Deep Cleanse Dry Shampoo?

First off, Batiste is the brand behind the number dry shampoo, so when we heard they came out with a brand-new overnight version, we gasped from excitement. What makes the Overnight Deep Cleanse Dry Shampoo ($9) different than regular dry shampoo? That would be its lightweight formula. Charcoal, baking soda and rice starch work to remove impurities and prevent oil buildup on your roots while you sleep. Now, instead of waking up to greasy hair and trying to fix the problem, you can solve it before you even hit the pillow.

In addition to absorbing grease and oil, this overnight dry shampoo has a soothing and relaxing fragrance: a blend of orange, red currant, jasmine and rose. All you have to do is shake the can, spray it from roughly 12 inches away onto sectioned hair and massage it into your scalp. And there you have it: The easiest hack for waking up to refreshed, cleaner-feeling hair that requires zero rinsing.

If you need more convincing, check out the real testimonials below from beauty creators with all different hair types.

The Reviews Are In

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