TikTok-Trending Holiday Travel Hack: The Schick Intuition Razor

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Just like Santa, we’re making a list and checking it twice—only ours is a packing list for the holidays, and there’s no milk or cookies involved (...or are there?). And while holiday travel can be stressful, we’re turning to TikTok to help make the packing process a bit smoother—for us and our legs—because one thing we’ve noticed all our favorite beauty influencers are putting in their cosmetic bags? The Schick Intuition razor.

This isn’t your average razor. With Schick Intuition, you can lather and shave in one easy step, no shave gel needed. The built-in moisturizing bar helps to soften skin as you shave and includes natural and organic ingredients. It also includes a travel cap, which makes it easier than ever to take your favorite razor on the go. You can choose from Sensitive Care with organic aloe, Pure Nourishment with organic cocoa butter or Lemon Berry Breeze with organic lemon.

We’re just like @steffieinthecity: If we can avoid checking a bag, we absolutely will (because no one wants to wait at baggage claim when we’ve got people to see and places to be). One way she makes some extra room in her carry-on is by ditching the shaving cream and lotion and packing an efficient 2-in-1, travel-ready razor with lather bar included, like the Schick Intuition razor.

Once you arrive at your holiday destination, getting a comfortable, smooth shave with Schick Intuition is as easy as snapping off the cap, adding water to the lather bar and shaving.

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