Temple Swiping Is the Eye-Opening Makeup Move You Can Try Right This Minute

Now that we’ve all tried contouring and highlighting, another makeup artist trick is out of the bag: temple swiping. That’s what we’re calling the technique pros use to apply contour, highlighter or color from the cheekbones and eyelids allll the way over to the hairline by the temples. This accent draws everyone’s attention upward, creating a slight lifting effect. Here are three ways to use this trick, from barely there to wowza dramatic.

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Subtle And Sweet: 30 Seconds

Take your favorite sheer powder blush and, instead of restricting it to the appleS of your cheeks, feather it upward along your cheekbones, over to your temples alongside your eyes and then up to the top of your eyebrows. (Watch a quick tutorial.) “Eyes up here, fella.”

Try it: Nars Illuminating Loose Powder in “Orgasm” ($28)

Trendy And Wild: 5 Minutes

Silvery lavender is one of the big stars of the 2018 color palette, showing up everywhere from eyeliner to lip gloss. Try it as a sheer highlighter on your temples, brow bones, lids and cheekbones for a look that’s a little bit unicorn and a lot pretty. (It looks especially good over sun-kissed skin.) Be sure to rein in the silver with a cheek contour and a solid fringe of mascara, lest it appear you’re having some sort of unintentional skin reaction.  

Try it: Milk Makeup Holographic Stick ($28)

rihanna 70s makeup
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The Full Rihanna: Timeless (or About 45 Minutes)

When RiRi showed up at last year’s Met Ball in full crimson face paint, it was a gauntlet throw into the fight against boring makeup. We’re down. Here, the makeup maven used a strong highlighter and blush to create an ombré red-into-violet liner on the eyes and then added a bit of silver illumination on the bridge of the nose and the eyes. Not for the faint of heart, this look says “I’m fierce, I love makeup and you all are just going to have to deal with it.”

Try it: Killawatt Foil in “Mimosa Sunrise/Sangria Sunset” ($36)

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