Self-Cleaning Sheets Exist, and They May Be the Secret to Clear Skin

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Be honest—how often do you actually wash your sheets? If you’re a faithful once-a-weeker, we applaud you. If not, no judgments. But it just might be the reason you can’t get your stubborn adult acne under control. 

Think about it: your sheets collect dead skin cells (1.5 million per hour to be exact), oils and bacteria from normal use. But if you aren’t sleeping on a fresh set of sheets every night, you’re rubbing your face all up in those nasties, therefore clogging your pores. And this is after you just spent approximately 23 minutes on your pre-bedtime skin care ritual.

Enter: self-cleaning sheets from Silvon (from $150). Yes, sheets that claim to clean themselves for up to 14 days, after which you have to wash them in warm water (no bleach necessary). Too good to be true? Our thoughts exactly. Which is why we had to put them to the test.

The sheets are woven with pretty silver-coated fibers throughout, which makes them naturally antibacterial, since silver attracts, kills and prevents bacteria from forming. Plus, the super-soft Supima cotton is extra breathable, making it even easier for your pores to stay clog-free. 

We immediately loved them for their cool, soft feel. By night two, we noticed that the sheets still felt fresh out of the washer. By nights five and ten? Same thing. Dare we say that by night 14, we were more sold on these than those pricey Egyptian cotton linens we registered for? And while we don’t know if it’s a placebo effect, we slept sounder than normal knowing we weren't surrounded by grimey bacteria.

Do you need these sheets? Probably not. But will they make you feel less gross about being an every-other-week laundry lady? Definitely.

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