We Found the Secret to Trending Y2K Brows on TikTok: The Hydro Silk Touch-Up Razor

Look, we never gatekeep. It’s one of our biggest points of pride. And that’s why when we discovered the best way to get the Y2K beauty aesthetic that’s trending all over TikTok (you know: cotton candy makeup hues, shimmer, hair clips, etc.), we had to share.

So here’s the scoop: It’s the Hydro Silk Touch-Up Razor from Schick.

Why? Because the key to nailing Y2K beauty is all in the eyebrows. And these eyebrows are clean, sculpted and intentional. They’re thinner than your recently popular natural, feathery look, but not as over-plucked as the nineties pencil-thin lines. They’re defined and perfected—a style best achieved with a Hydro Silk Touch-Up Razor.

See how @janellemariss uses the razor to thin the top and clean up any hairs around the edges of her brows? The Hydro Silk razor removes fine hairs by dermaplaning and is designed with fine micro-guards on the blade to help protect your skin. That means your skin is not only left hair-free, but smooth and exfoliated too.

Another important reason TikTok beauty lovers like @ayanahyman are using the Hydro Silk Touch-Up Razor is for the precision cover. It makes for extra precise eyebrow shaping while also ensuring you don’t accidentally nick your eyelashes in the process.

And for the final hook: This little razor is easily one of the most transportable eyebrow grooming products out there. You can get expertly shaped, beautiful brows at a moment’s notice wherever you are. (Hey, we’ve all caught our reflection in the rearview mirror and realized how neglected our brows were in the unforgiving light of day. This will fix that.)

Luckily, the Hydro Silk Touch-Up Razors come in a packs of three or nine, so you'll have enough to keep one in your bathroom, one in your purse and one in your car for last-minute touchups to your Y2K brows anytime, anywhere.

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