The Rituals Our Beauty Editor Relies On for a Good Night’s Sleep

PureWow’s senior beauty editor, Jenny Jin, is a master multitasker. Not only does she churn out article after article but she also fields her coworkers’ countless questions: “Do I really need separate skin routines for morning and night?” “Is double cleansing actually worth it?” “What’s the deal with gua sha?” Jenny is a wealth of beauty and skin care knowledge, so when we had the chance to catch a glimpse of her nightly rituals, we jumped at it. Have a pen and paper handy?

books sitting on window

Banning The Blue Light

“My nighttime ritual always starts with reading a good book—right now it’s David Sedaris’s Calypso, which has me cackling to myself. Reading provides a cue for me to power off any screens and break the habit of scrolling through social media before bed. Admittedly, once in a while I end up reading way past my bedtime, as was the case with Jenny Han’s To All the Boys series.”

elizabeth arden retionol capsules bottle
Elizabeth Arden

Nourishing The Skin

If you’re like Jenny and make it a rule to never let your skin fall to the wayside, then Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules are just for you. We know what you’re thinking: “Uh, isn’t retinol going to dry out my skin?” Quite the opposite, actually. These retinol capsules are unlike any other in that they feature moisture-boosting ceramides and are specially formulated to help protect against dryness. Oh, and did we mention these are pre-measured into a single dose so there’s no guesswork?

sleep essential oil roller

Relaxing The Mind

“I always take a few whiffs of a calming essential oil or spray. I love Fig+Yarrow’s Moon Mist, as well as Stress Check Breathe In from a company called This Works. Spritz it liberally into the air and inhale for three counts (Mississippily!) and exhale for four to calm your senses.”

woman stretching back sitting on bed
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Easing Muscle Tension

“Finally, I do some myofascial release massages on areas that tend to be tight, typically around my neck, back and shoulders. It’s a very gentle but sustained stretch that alleviates the tension and stiffness I often feel in these spots.”


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