This New Lip Oil Gloss Promises to Plump Your Pout (& the Results Are Impressive)

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Quiet luxury. Beigification. Glazed everything. While we’re down for trends that make us feel sophisticated, we couldn’t help but wonder…where did all the fun go? What ever happened to experimenting with our hair, our clothes, our home decor, our makeup? Well, if the recent Barbiecore or Y2K nostalgia phenoms are any indication, we’re ready to mix things up in a big way. (More is more, after all.)

And that’s exactly why we’re so excited for a brand-new brand that’s bringing the magic back to makeup. It’s called Polite Society and it’s exclusively available at Ulta Beauty. Polite Society is all about banishing the boring from beauty, and considering it’s created by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson—the founders of Too Faced—we have a feeling it’ll make a big splash.

Polite Society’s line of clean, foolproof formulas consists of everything from foundation and setting powder to eyeshadow and blush, but there’s one product we can’t wait to add to our beauty bags right now. It’s called the B.I.G. Mouth Lip Plumping Oil Gloss and it promises to plump and hydrate our pouts instantly. Fuller lips for fall? We’re here for it.

Polite Society B.I.G. Lip Oil Gloss
Polite Society/Ulta Beauty

What Is Polite Society B.I.G. Mouth Lip Plumping Oil Gloss?

This pretty pink gloss puts the bombshell in your beauty look. Its hydrating formula plumps your lips both instantly and overtime thanks to a special blood-dilating complex powered by natural origin ingredients. Here’s the breakdown:

  • B: Blueberry oil—aids in hydrating
  • I: Infinity pepper (capsicum)—aids in plumping
  • G: Ginger root oil—aids in volumizing

We’re suckers for a clever name. We’re also suckers for the unique oil-gloss texture, which offers sheer coverage, high shine and a glossy finish, plus the pink packaging, which is responsibly sourced and manufactured. The applicator is even inspired by the soft, gentle curves of a bunny ear and is oversized enough to distribute the perfect amount of gloss. So cute.

Is It Safe?

Yes! Not only is the B.I.G. Mouth Lip Plumping Oil Gloss clinically proven to increase lip volume, the clean, earth-conscious formula is totally nontoxic, vegan and dermatologist-tested. It contains no parabens, mineral oil, petroleum or phthalates and is cruelty-free. So it has all of the ingredients you want and absolutely none of what you don’t. When applied, you’ll feel a bit of spicy tingle on your lips that’ll subside overtime—that just means it’s working.

OK, Where Can I Get It?

The Polite Society B.I.G. Mouth Lip Plumping Oil Gloss—along with the brand’s entire line—is new and only at Ulta Beauty. Head to a store near you or online to pick up the original pink shade now, with more colors to come.

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