Yes, You Should Be Styling Your Perfume—Here’s TikTok’s Favorite New Scent and How to Make It Really Pop

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Have you ever thought about how to style something you can wear, but can’t see? TikTok creator @rebeccaxko just gave us some serious food for thought on the subject, and frankly, we can’t believe we hadn’t thought about it before. We’re talking about fragrance, and while you might not have considered how to style previously, we’re urging you to start considering it now with Rebecca’s favorite new, easily stylable scent: Billie Eilish Eilish No. 2 Eau de Parfum. It's exclusively available at Ulta Beauty.

The first step? Consider the fragrance itself. Eilish No.2 is a rich, sophisticated evening scent. It’s made up of layered notes of woody florals, Italian bergamot, apple blossom and incense with secondary notes of black pepper and wild poppy flower, all on a grounding base of palo santo, ebony and skin musk. This will help you decide when to wear it. For example, Eilish No. 2 is perfect for wearing to romantic weddings, intimate dates or even nights out with friends.

Second, take a cue from the bottle (the design is always intentional). In this case, the shape itself reflects Billie’s favorite parts of the body—an ode to sensuality and her own passion for fragrance. Identifying the entire vibe will help you pick out the clothes to match.

Now, for the styling: We love how Rebecca chose to wear the perfume for a date night, and then put together an outfit that was inspired by the bottle itself. An all-black look with lace detailing that showed off her décolleté was a perfect choice to really embody the essence of the fragrance and make it come alive. The white pop of her shoulder bag added a bit of chic playfulness. We like to think Billie would be all about it.

The key difference when styling a perfume is that you start with the fragrance first, and then use it to inspire the rest of your outfit. While scents are often considered a finishing vs. starting point, we’re loving how Rebecca flips this idea on its head for a super fresh approach to styling every part of your ‘fit—even the parts you can’t see. Leave it to TikTok to inspire us from every angle.

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