My Dry, Cracked Feet Were a Lost Cause—Until This $20 Foot Balm Saved the Day

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Brace yourself reader, but this writer has—gasp—not had a pedicure in almost two years. Hear me out: When COVID-19 hit, safety came first. Then, as things opened up a bit, I found myself (a working mom with diminishing time for self-care) de-prioritizing the “nice-to-have” experience that is a pedicure, opting for at-home polish instead.

But then winter hit. And, as a gal who trends toward the drier side, especially on my feet, I tried many a lotion in an effort to revive my cracked heels and flaky ankles. That’s when I discovered Olive & June’s Heel Balm.

An overnight treatment, this product—which comes in peachy pink packaging—looks like a miniature deodorant. Twist off the cap and you’ll find a glistening balm that has the viscosity of a thinned-out Vaseline. And, OMG, it glides on like a buttery dream.

I think that’s what was most appealing to me about the balm: You didn’t have to get your hands dirty to apply it. Simply swipe a thick layer over any dry spots on your feet and that’s it. You’ll immediately feel it melting into your skin. The brand’s recommendation (which I followed) is to then throw on a pair of cotton socks to maximize absorption. I kid you not when I say that I woke up with feet so smooth and hydrated they looked sandal-ready. What was in this stuff? 

Well, per the ingredient list, sunflower and meadowfoam seem to be a big part of the magic. TBH, I’ve become a bit of an addict: I now apply the balm almost nightly and wake up excited to ooh and ahh over my once-again beautiful feet.

But don’t worry, I’ve got an official pedicure on the books coming up, too, because I’m long overdue for some cuticle care. In the meantime, I will be singing the praises of this heel balm to anyone who asks. It’s become a staple in my routine and fellow sufferers of dry, cracked feet need to know about it.

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