I Didn’t Want to Love This Anti-Aging Moisturizer as Much as I Actually Do

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Two months ago I dropped a pretty penny on what I deemed would be “the skincare product to change my life.” This moisturizer (I’ll give you a hint, it has “Rich” in the name) was going to be my holy grail—said to stimulate the skin’s natural processes of rejuvenation to dramatically improve your complexion and recommended by everyone from celebrities to my own coworkers. I figured it would be worth every cent and I would never have to try another moisturizer again.

Well, here’s the thing. The packaging was beautiful. But the product was…just…meh. I wouldn’t say I disliked it, but for what I paid, it surely didn’t boast the results I was expecting. (AKA to look like Victoria Beckham overnight.)

Around the same time, the new Olay Regenerist Ultra Rich Moisturizer (no, not the same product) came across my radar and I decided to give it a try. You can probably guess where this is going, but much to my dismay—since this Olay product costs a mere $39 compared to the $200+ I had already spent—the cream worked. Like, really worked.

True to its name, it’s rich. If you’ve ever tried Weleda Skin Food, it’s almost as thick as that, which lead me to believe that it might not be great for someone with naturally oily skin (raises hand). However, when I applied it using upward motions, my combination skin drank it right up and it left an instant glow that even my husband noticed right away. I haven’t tried Olay Regnerist Micro Sculpting Cream for comparison, but I think it’s safe to say it works similarly for skin that doesn’t love heavy moisturizers.

I read that it only takes one day to notice a change in your skin, and having tried hundreds of beauty products, I assumed it was a placebo effect if anything. But much to my amazement, my skin (which has been looking extra dull since the start of quarantine) was radiant and so much more hydrated after just a few days of use. I have never seen results this quickly from any product I’ve tested, period—including said pricey moisturizer (sigh).

So, now I’m here to share this PSA. This drugstore moisturizer has my heart, but my bank account is still reeling. I pray you all don’t make the same mistake.

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