I’ll Be Wearing This Sunscreen All Winter, Even If I Don’t Step Outside. Here’s Why

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You’ve been hit over the head with the importance of sunscreen—but did you know that applies to when you’re indoors, too? Yep—if you sit anywhere near a window, it’s possible for the sun’s rays to affect your skin. Yikes.

So, while you might not see any burns or redness outright from your bay window breakfast nook desk set up (hey, you’ve got to get that vitamin D where you can these days), it’s the long-term damage you should worry about. Add to that the negative effects of blue light from the computer screen and phone (it’s a type of light that emits high-energy visible (HEV) light that can cause wrinkles, dark spots and a loss of collagen, in addition to hurting your eyes), and you’re looking at a cocktail of skin issues.

All of this is exactly why SPF has become my new favorite sunscreen product, but not just any kind: Olay Regenerist Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 is my shield of choice for a few reasons.

For starters, it’s a physical sunscreen—also known as mineral—which means that it blocks both UV and HEV light from penetrating your skin. It creates an actual barrier, versus chemical sunscreens, which interact with the rays to form a chemical reaction that bounces them back off. They typically don’t work for blue light, though, so physical/mineral is always going to be your best bet. 

The second reason I reach for this sunscreen every morning is because of the other ingredients in the formula—aside from the zinc oxide, it’s got vitamin B3 and amino peptides which help support skin’s natural renewal process, so it actually smooths and improves my complexion while protecting it. It’s also really creamy and moisturizing (not greasy!) so it blends into skin nicely, which anyone who’s slathered on SPF knows can be a huge pain point.

As for my routine, the Olay sunscreen always goes last. After cleansing, applying serums and moisturizer, though, if your skin isn’t dry like mine, you might be able to get away with skipping the moisturizer altogether. 

So, no one tell my skin this fall when I’m spending extra time catching up on emails or just Instagramming my autumn heart out. Because when I’m wearing Olay SPF, what it doesn’t know won’t hurt it.

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