If You Want Smoother and Brighter Skin, You Need to Try This Serum Trifecta

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I can almost pinpoint exactly when my complexion started to go downhill. It was right around April, after having spent a few weeks inside, succumbing to my new inactive routine with only my vices to comfort me (you know, sour candy and too much TV).

Whether or not those things directly impacted my skin, the fact remains: I was working with more dullness, dryness and overall uneven tone than what I was used to. And it didn’t feel good—in fact, it was kind of aggravating, because skincare is usually the one thing I can control during weird times (especially as of late). 

Fast forward to when the lightbulb turned on in my head, and I decided to get more intentional with my routines all around. First, more reading, less Netflix bingeing. Second, more outdoor walks, less, well, Netflix bingeing. Third, making skincare a daily priority with the Olay Regenerist Max serum collection.

Why Olay Regenerist Max? Easy: My moisturizer and face washes are pretty good, but I realized what I was missing was something more concentrated, more targeted. Like serum. And the ingredient portfolio across the Tone Serum, Wrinkle Serum and Hydration Serum hit my issues right on the nose. The Tone Serum has vitamin C and vitamin B3 (niacinamide) to visibly fade spots and even skin tone. This one I started using every morning under my moisturizer and sunscreen.

Then there’s the Wrinkle Serum with peptides and niacinamide to visibly reduce wrinkles and smooth skin. I alternated this one with the Hydration Serum every other night, just because that’s what seemed to work for me. The Hydration Serum has hyaluronic acid and hydrates to visibly plump the skin with moisture. Both of them went under my heavy-duty night cream and usual rosehip oil.

I noticed my face felt softer and brighter—dark spots leftover from breakouts were fading away and, while I’m lucky enough not to have any serious wrinkles yet at 30-years-old, things just felt…I don’t know, tighter? More plump? The poor, dull skin tone that made me look in the mirror and go what the heck happened to my face?! certainly wasn’t there anymore.

All I can say is this one easy adjustment to my skincare routine has made a huge difference in my daily confidence. And I’ve been rewarding myself with extra TV time ever since.

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