Your Daily Skincare Routine Is Missing One Crucial Step: OFF! Clean Feel

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Between cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing and SPFing (phew!), you likely already have your skincare routine down pat. But as your BFFs, we always want you to look and feel your best. Which is why we have to share some news: That carefully curated daily routine is missing one very important, possibly surprising, step…insect repellent. More specifically OFF!® Clean Feel insect repellent.

Protecting your skin isn’t only about creams and serums, it should also include a product that’ll keep mosquitos, ticks and biting flies at bay every time you head outside. (Because bites = scratching and scratching = skin irritation.) Not to mention, nobody likes the unsightly marks bug bites can leave on your skin. OFF!® is already the #1 dermatologist-recommended repellent brand.* Now, Clean Feel is here to seamlessly fit into your skincare plan and provide 8-hour insect protection, whether you’re invited to a beach wedding, an outdoor dinner date, or just taking the dog for a walk around the block.

What makes OFF!® Clean Feel the best? It’s non-sticky, fragrance-free and feels good on skin—no icky bug-spray smell or greasy, oily texture to be found. It’s also formulated with 20 percent picaridin, a highly effective active ingredient that provides long-lasting protection against insects, but won’t damage clothing. Plus, the aerosol and twist and lock cap make it easy to apply and carry with you on the go. Bonus: You can even use the brand’s nifty OFF!Cast tool to check the mosquito forecast in your area.  

This summer, add OFF!® Clean Feel to your daily skincare ritual and start feeling totally prepared and protected—no matter where your day takes you.  

*IQVIA, using the ProVoice Survey, fielded 455 dermatologists from December 1, 2021 to November 30, 2022 and recorded the brand recommended most often in Insect Repellent Category, has validated the following claims ast 99% confidence level.

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