The Best Red Lipstick, According to a Radio City Rockette

Think you have a busy, at-times-acrobatic holiday season in front of you? Try being a performer working upwards of three performances a day of the beloved Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes.

We touched base with Ashley Kasunich Fritz, who’s been with the Rockettes since 2011, to ask some of our most pressing questions.

PureWow: You have so many performances! How do you keep yourself from getting injured?

Ashley Kasunich Fritz: We all have our routines. Most of us come an hour before we start on rehearsal days. I use a heating pad in the morning and then a lot of ice in the afternoon to try to reduce inflammation. And I always make sure I’m stretching once I work my muscles to give them a break.

PW: What’s the best music to dance to when you’re not on stage?

AKF: ‘70s and ‘80s classic rock—really anything that gets everybody on the dance floor. It’s fun as a dancer to let yourself go that way. As Rockettes, everything is so carefully choreographed that sometimes it’s hard for us to just be wild.

PW: But do you ever just bust out a Rockette move on the dance floor?

AKF: Ha! I got married about a year ago, and our final number was New York New York, and we got everybody in a circle, and all did some kicks at the end.

PW: We’ve heard the Rockettes do their own makeup—any tips?

AKF: I really try to play up my lips and eyes to make them pop. My favorite lipstick is the Givenchy Le Rouge Holiday Red.  

PW: Tell it to us straight. Is it annoying to work with camels and donkeys during the Christmas Spectacular?

AKF: They really are stars in their own right! Seriously, they’re pros—they know their tracks almost as well as the Rockettes do.

PW: But do they really never poop on the stage?

AKF: Well…they are animals!

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