6 Natural Hairstyles to Try If You're Tired of the Same Old Same Old

You rock your natural hair like nobody’s business. But if you’re like us, there are probably a few same-old, go-to styles that you keep going back to, over and over…and over. Good news: Coterie member Tyla-Lauren has a slew of new natural hair inspo to mix things up this year. She’s sharing six super-easy styles that can be done with just bobby pins, hair elastics, water and light-hold gel, below.

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The Double Bun

These space-buns bring all the carefree, summery vibes. Part hair down the center, gather each side into ponytails and then wrap your hair around the base of each, securing with bobby pins. No heavy styling products needed—just some flexible gel like Carol's Daughter Pracaxi Nectar Style Control Gel to tame baby hairs.

The Half-up Pineapple Pony

The trick to this look? Tyla-Lauren suggests picking out your curls prior to styling for all the volume. Then split your hair in two sections by creating a part from ear to ear, securing the top portion with an elastic (you’ll want to make it pretty high to get the pineapple pony effect). Slip a few bobbies in at the base of the pony, pointing toward the front of your head to push and secure the hair forward. Easiest (and cutest) style ever.

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The Head Wrap

This is the hairstyle that still looks like you put in effort even though you hit snooze too many times. All you do: Gather your hair into a pineapple pony (the full-on version of the halfsie above), and then wrap a headscarf around the base of your head with the lengths in front of you. Gather the fabric at your forehead, twist and wrap like you would a bun. Tuck in the ends to secure, and you’re out the door in two minutes.

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The Curly Faux Bang Updo

This style not only looks insanely cool (temporary bangs, anyone?), but it also is perfect for hot summer days that, we promise, are just around the corner. Start by separating a section of hair near your forehead (about two inches deep) that will act as your “bangs.” Then, gather the rest of your hair into an über-high pony and secure with an elastic. Take the “bangs” section and pull it back toward the crown of your head, twist it once and pin it down to your scalp, flipping the loose ends back toward your forehead for a little faux fringe.

The Half Bun

This style became popular last year, but it’s not going anywhere. It’s a super-simple ’do—you don’t need anything other than a few bobby pins. Part your hair from ear to ear, gather the top portion, twist and wrap it into a bun. Place a few pins in the base to secure it, pick out the bottom half for volume and you’re good to go. Bonus: When you take it down, your hair won’t have any annoying elastic creases.

The Crown Twist

Keep your hair out of your face and look chic doing it. Starting with a center part, grab a small section of hair to either side and apply a touch of Carol's Daughter Pracaxi Nectar Style Control Gel for a little grip. Twist hair back toward crown and pin into place. Repeat on the opposite side for a new way to wear the half-up, half-down look. Tyla’s tip: If you need to revive and smooth the rest of your hair, hit it with a refresher spray like Cantu Comeback Next Day Curl Revitalizer.

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