How to Give Yourself a Manicure and Not Get Polish All Over Your Cuticles

A few weeks ago we told you about Nails Inc.'s new spray-on manicure, which promises perfectly painted nails in 20 seconds flat. Unfortunately, it won't be available until late March. So until we can get our hands on a can, we're stuck painting our own nails. And while we're typically not the most skilled at at-home manicures, this super-simple trick has upped our game infinitely. 

What you need: Nail polish, Vaseline and a few Q-Tips. 

What you do: With clean hands and polish-free nails, use a Q-Tip to cover your cuticles with Vaseline (just be sure not to get any on the nail itself). Then paint your nails as usual. Once your nails are dry, wipe the Vaseline away with a paper towel. 

And they'll look better? Much. The Vaseline creates a barrier between the nail polish and the skin around your nails, so you're not left with messy polish residue all over the place. 

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