Milk Makeup Came Out with a Solid Matcha Toner, So Naturally We Had to Try It

milk makeup matcha toner

As someone who is obsessed with skin care, I pretty much have to test everything that comes across my desk. I mean it’s all in the name of research, right? So when a cult-favorite beauty brand launches a never-before-seen product that also incorporates my matcha obsession, I literally try it on the spot.

I’m talking about Milk Makeup’s Matcha Toner stick. It’s the world’s first solid facial toner. Weird, right? I know traditional toner is part of every good skin-care routine (along with SPF!), but truthfully, all the extra steps of finding a cotton pad, accidentally squirting way too much onto it and rubbing it on my face always seemed like a hassle. But when the toner comes in stick form and all you have to do is glide it around, you suck it up and give it a whirl.

At first glance I wasn’t sold—I thought a stick toner would basically feel like deodorant on my face. But the sheer green balm actually went on super smoothly and surprisingly watery, like liquid toner does, except I didn’t need to fumble through my medicine cabinet for any accoutrements. I massaged my entire face with it in an upward motion to encourage increased blood flow and discourage gravity (yay for multitasking products).

I was hooked at first swipe. The completely vegan formula uses a mix of green tea to detoxify, kombucha and witch hazel to shrink pores and absorb oil, and organic cactus elixir to calm and hydrate. And guys, it left my skin so refreshed, noticeably poreless and the right kind of matte—all before I even put on any other products. The verdict? When it comes to my beauty rotation, this stick is here to stay.

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