We Had Men Guess What's in Our Makeup Bags (and We Needed that Laugh)

There are only so many times we can try to whip up banana bread or stare angrily at an unfinished 2,000-piece puzzle during this period of social distancing. So, we've had to get creative with the at-home activities that actually bring us joy. Our latest endeavor: asking the non-beauty savvy men in our lives to guess the contents of our makeup bags. (And we’re so glad we did.) 

What we know to be our trusty eyelash curler is “bent scissors,” “a guillotine” or “a nail clipper for Shrek” in the eyes of our partners. A mascara wand looks like “something you’d clean a carburetor with.” And Beautyblenders are an even bigger mystery.

For a well-deserved laugh, watch here as these guys dig through our go-to products—from liquid lipstick to nail polish—and tell us how each is used. And if you enjoy the video, why not hand over your beauty stash to a confused boyfriend or family member? (We’ll be waiting to hear all about it in the YouTube comments section.)

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