The Shoulder-Activating Pose Margot Robbie Uses on Red Carpets That Anyone Can Steal

It’s all in the shoulders

margot robbie on the critics choice red carpet.
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There’s no denying that Margot Robbie has been killing awards season this year. From her vintage Barbie-inspired looks to her nominations in almost every major category (no, we don’t want to discuss the Oscars). But what isn’t being talked about enough is how she’s nailed the perfect pose on the red carpet. As a non-celeb, I have no experience with sashaying down a carpet, but I know a good pose when I see one and will definitely be taking notes for Instagram. The Barbie star has managed to ditch the Y2K-favorite teapot pose for something much more flattering: the raptor.

If you aren’t familiar, the raptor pose, or what PureWow’s beauty director, Jenny Jin describes as “the teapot's cousin” is a variation of the teapot. But instead of placing the tired hand-on-your-hip and forcing a big, cheesy smile, you relax your shoulders and rest your arms at your sides to create the illusion of a longer silhouette. Robbie also pushes her shoulders back and flattens her hands at her hips, honestly replicating a Barbie. See the signature pose in action below.

margot robbie red carpet pose babylon
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When her hands aren’t on her hips, Robbie goes into full raptor mode and instead of letting them hang awkwardly, she delicately crosses them in front of her body, which gives them something to do. This is a much better option than the piece sign I tend to throw out anytime a camera finds me.

margot robbie red carpet pose critics choice
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Notice that Robbie’s posing technique is all in the arms and shoulders. Instead of smushing her arms against her sides, she angles them out ever so slightly. If this feels unnatural (because, um, it is), you can pretend that you’re holding something like a purse. With her shoulders back, Robbie also creates a more statuesque silhouette, further elongating her form. Plus, it showcases good posture.

Bottom line: Posing for photos isn’t an exact science, but if it was, the 33-year-old actress has got it down pat. So, the next time you’re posing for the ‘Gram, just think—WWMD? (What would Margot do?)


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