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Lindsay Champion, PureWow’s food and wellness director (and published YA author), knows a thing or two about self-care. Case in point: She wrote a book and planned a wedding all while never skipping a beat in the office. Needless to say, when Lindsay let us pick her brain for tips on how to create a calming nightly routine, we were more than enthused. Read her tips below and get ready to feel the Zen.

lemon tea

Do Something That Relaxes You

“My night doesn’t feel complete until I’ve read a few pages of a book (my current read: Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton—so good) and sipped a cup of tea. I used to swear by peppermint, but I’ve been getting really into lemon balm tea recently, because it’s been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and promote sleep. If I had time to take a hot bath every night, I would, but a calming cup of hot tea is the next best thing.”

white bed and nightstand
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Take Inspiration From Others

“When I was staying at a hotel a few months ago, there was a little roller ball of lavender oil along with the travel-size shampoo and soap, and I became obsessed with it. I had such a calming few nights of sleep after using it, so I stashed it in my suitcase and brought it home. It’s run out several times, so I unscrew the cap and refill it with more essential oil. Every night, I roll it onto my pillowcase and my pulse points.”

double bathroom sink
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Find an Alternative to TV

“I love listening to podcasts as I’m brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed. Nothing too heavy (sorry, Serial and My Favorite Murder, I still love you), but the upbeat interviews on Fresh Air and Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend always do the trick. I usually set my iPhone’s sleep timer to turn the podcast off after 30 minutes, but I almost never make it all the way through a half hour.”

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Elizabeth Arden

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