This Kate Middleton Zoom Beauty Trick Is So Genius, I’m Applying It to All My Future Video Chats

Since the pandemic first hit and forced us all to stay at home, Kate Middleton has proven herself the queen of Zoom. But it’s not just her relaxed conversational style and low-key fashion that makes her a stand-out, there’s a super simple beauty trick she’s applied to every single video call that helps her appear infinitely more put together—and it involves eyeliner.

While most of us line our top lash line—if we apply any makeup at all while working from home—Kate takes things a step further and lines her bottom lashes, too. Sometimes it’s faint, sometimes it’s more bold, but the point is it’s there.

Even more interesting, it’s the only place that she seems to go heavier on the makeup. In fact, Kate has worn a neutral lip in nearly all of her video calls. 

The royal result is striking, and a Zoom beauty lesson for us all. By making the effort to accentuate her lash lines, she gives her eyes more definition. On a laptop screen and using an interface that’s 2D, this works wonders when it comes to making her eyes pop during virtual meetings and conversations. 

As for the type of eyeliner she uses? She’s famously been a fan of Bobbi Brown’s Gel Eyeliner. (She even wore it on her wedding day to Prince William.)

Will we be following in Middleton's footsteps on all of our Zoom calls going forward? Absolutely.

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