7 Things You Didn’t Know Your BeautyBlender Could Do

The most beloved tool in our makeup kit has to be the BeautyBlender. It leaves foundation looking airbrushed to perfection in a few swift bounces. But did you know it’s secretly a major multitasker? These seven tricks will make you a believer. 

7 Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your BeautyBlender

beautyblender highlighting tecnique

Highlight Like A Pro

Dab the round end of the sponge into cream highlighter and then apply by bouncing along the top of your cheekbone to your temple, in the shape of a C. Flip it around and use the pointy end to hit your brow bones and inner eye corners.

beautyblender coffee scrub1

Exfoliate Skin

Scrubs are meant to slough off dead skin, not get stuck beneath your nails. Avoid that annoying side effect by using your blender to scoop a bit of product out of the jar and buff skin in circular motions.

beautyblender for self tanner

Blend Self-tanner

If you want to keep your hands looking, well, the color of skin, this trick is your new bronzing hero. Squeeze a bit of self-tanner onto the round end of the sponge and tap onto skin in circular motions. It creates even, non-streaky coverage without an orange palm in sight.

beautyblender to remove too much blush

Remove Too Much Blush

Figuring out your perfect amount of blush is a true science. When things get a little out of control, don’t resort to wiping your whole face off and starting over. Just spritz the side of your BeautyBlender with toner and pat on top of the blush explosion to gently lift any excess without messing up the rest of your makeup. Crisis averted.

beautyblender glitter nails

Apply Glitter Nail Polish (the Right Way)

One coat of sparkles is never enough. But several coats can get way too gloppy. Achieve the prized disco ball effect with one application by painting glitter polish onto the pointy end of a dry sponge (this part is key) and dabbing it onto your nails. The dry sponge will soak up most of the actual clear nail polish, leaving just the glitter behind, so it goes on dense right away.

beautyblender to cover grown out roots

Touch Up Your Roots

In between salon visits, conceal any grays by applying root cover-up to a BeautyBlender and patting it onto any grown-out strands. You’ll get just enough coverage for a natural look.

beautyblender blurred lipstick

Blur Your Lipstick

Smudgy lip color is in, but you don’t have to dye your fingers red in the process. Apply lipstick just to the center of your top and bottom lips, then use the pointy end of a clean blender to buff it out to the edges for a popsicle-stained look.

How to Clean Your BeautyBlender So It Feels Fresh and New Again

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