How to Speed Up Your Beauty Routine Without Really Trying

When you’re running late or, honestly, just want to use those extra morning minutes for something else, you don’t always have time to give yourself the works. Here are six tips and techniques for speeding up your beauty routine without really trying.

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1. Bring Back Rollers

Instead of spending time sculpting curls one by one with a wand, grab a set of self-gripping rollers so they can shape your hair while you get ready. Blast your strands with the hair dryer to warm up the cuticles and then wrap large sections of hair onto the rollers. Move on to your makeup as they cool and then remove the rollers and brush out your hair for easy volume and waves.

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2. Try A Multipurpose Oil

Products like Healthy Sexy Hair Love Oil Moisturizing Oil are extremely hydrating and meant to be used on both dry hair and skin. After your shower, slather it onto slightly damp strands and rub it into any rough patches on your body. You’ll notice less frizz, boosted shine, easier detangling and, of course, baby-soft skin. It even has mimosa extract (the scent is wonderful) to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. And when hair is healthier, you end up spending less time trying to get it under control.

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3. Get A Microfiber Hair Towel

If you’ve never used microfiber to dry your hair before, trust us, you’ll be hooked the first time. The little fibers soak up twice as much water twice as fast, which cuts down on drying time altogether.

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4. Change Your Part

This easy trick works wonders to refresh your hair in a pinch without any time spent styling. Part your hair in a different place than you normally would to instantly conceal limp, greasy roots while boosting volume up top. Take it one step further and clip a section back using a trendy barrette—a great distraction itself.

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5. Mix Up Your Makeup

Sometimes (especially when the air is dry) makeup application doesn’t go according to plan. Instead of scrubbing it off and starting fresh when you’re already running late, revive dry or cakey foundation by mixing in a little liquid highlighter. Press it onto your skin to infuse it with a little extra moisture and a diverting glow.

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6. Find A Cream Blush

Why cream? Because it can be used on your eyelids, cheeks and lips to shave a few seconds off your routine. If you’re not sure what color to choose, go for a rosy mauve or berry—these hues look natural on most skin tones.

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