This Easy Trick Prevents Your Sunglasses from Sliding Off Your Face

woman smiling with sunglasses on

The sun is shining, the waves are splashing...and your sunglasses are forever sliding down your nose. Sigh. If you’re anyone who’s ever lived through a hot summer, you get how annoying it is. But we found this genius trick that’s going to change your sunglasses-wearing game forever.

What you need: Eye shadow primer.

What you do: Dab a bit of eye shadow primer on the bridge of your nose where your glasses hit.

Why it works: Eye primer is meant to hold your shadow in place, so it creates a matte, slightly tacky grip that keeps your glasses where you want them. 

The best part? It works both over makeup and on bare skin and grips just as well to regular glasses when you just #canteven with contacts. Genius, right? Summer on, friends.

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