The Brilliantly Easy Way to Fix Clumpy Nail Polish
iprogressman/Getty Images

So, you were digging around your bathroom cabinet and found an amazing (and not cheap) polish from two seasons ago that was your nail-color soul mate. The consistency, however, has seen better days. Don’t toss that bottle just yet. Here’s the quick fix to revive thick and goopy nail polish. 

What you’ll need: Said bottle of clumpy polish, pure acetone (i.e. polish remover) and an eyedropper.  

How to do it: Using the eyedropper, add a drop or two of acetone to the polish. Screw the cap back on and roll (don’t shake) the bottle between your hands for about a minute. Then, prepare to be amazed as the lacquer returns to a nice and smooth state. Magic.

What to be careful of: Don’t add too much acetone as this can lead to a watery consistency in the bottle or cause the polish to crack when dried on your nails. And while this easy trick is ideal for getting a few more uses out of an old favorite, bear in mind that all good things must come to end, and this is not a long-term solution. But hey, with so many gorgeous new shades available, we’re not complaining.

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