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Forget the French braid, this summer we’re all for embracing our inner mermaid and rocking a fishtail. And believe it or not, this style is actually way easier to do yourself. Here’s how to get the look.

Step 1: Using a disposable rubber hair band, tie your locks into a low side ponytail. Rub a touch of styling paste along the pony to keep pesky flyaways at bay.

Step 2: Divide your ponytail into two even sections. Separate some strands from the outside of the right-hand section and cross those strands over to join the left-hand section.

Step 3: Repeat this process on the left then again on the right, pulling tight between each cross-over, until you reach the end of your pony.

Step 4: Secure the end of the braid with another rubber band or hair tie. To finish the look, carefully snip off the top rubber band. Then fluff and feel cooler all day long.

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Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth

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