We Can’t Stop Thinking About This Line of Curly Hair Products

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When it comes to wading through the seemingly endless amounts of hair products out there, how do you narrow it all down? Maybe you filter by rating and price, or maybe you exclusively shop by word of mouth. For us, the search always begins with one word: hydrating. And that especially rings true when it comes to curls.

If you’re a curly gurl, we don’t need to tell you how easily your hair can get dried out. Thanks to the shape of curls and coils, getting those crucial natural scalp oils to properly travel down the length of each strand is a much more difficult task than it is for women with straight hair. Basically, curls need the help. So, when it comes to shopping for product, it really is all about the formula. Which is why we can’t stop thinking about the new HASK Curl Care collection.

Maybe you’ve noticed HASK on the shelves at Walmart or Ulta, or maybe you sped by in a frenzy to get in and out as fast as possible (not that we didn’t once love a good Ulta meander). Either way, you need to know about this brand, curly hair or not. We're all about clean beauty, and these products are all sulfate-free. If you do rock curls, your radar is probably going off right now, because you know how stripping and dehydrating sulfates are, while silicones weigh down your hair with build-up, diminishing your definition. *Shudder.*

The new HASK Curl Care line is made up of seven products—from Moisturizing Shampoo to Intensive Deep Conditioner to Curl Enhancing Mousse—all with better-for-you ingredients. Oh, and according to the experts, they’re all ripe for cocktailing too: “I love cocktailing them on all hair types. The Curl 5-In-1 Leave-in Spray hydrates and detangles to prevent hair breakage, then the Curl Defining Cream adds moisture from coconut oil, argan oil and vitamin E, with a lightweight humidity proof formula. Lastly, the Curl Shaping Jelly really helps define and sculpt the curl without being stiff or crunchy,” says Hollywood stylist Camille Friend (her impressive resume includes hairstyling for movies like Tenet, Black Panther and Little Mermaid).

Linda Flowers, another professional Hollywood stylist who has worked on the set of Spiderman, uses HASK because she works with a variety of curl types, and the new Curl Care collection has the options she needs to take care of them all. She also explains that “the curlier the hair, the more product I use. From quarter size to start and I feel the hair. If the hair quickly absorbs it, I use a dollop more.” Take notes, folks. Her go-to hairstyle achieved by cocktailing with HASK is one we can all get on board with right now: “Let your curls fly! To take your style to the next level, add a little sparkle and shine with an embellished head band or bobby pins, loosening just a few tendrils for added softness.” Just think of how good it’ll look on Zoom.

And okay, yes, we did save the best part for last, which is that right now, HASK is giving away $300 worth of product and swag across their entire site. So, whether you have curls or not, enter to win this bundle of healthy hair care. You’ll never regret giving your strands the quality ingredients they really need, because they always thank you with a good hair day.


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