Getting “Unready” Is the New Getting Ready: Here’s How to Do It Using the 1 Product Influencers Are Raving About

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By now you’ve surely come across “GRWM” videos, or at least stumbled upon the acronym and quickly googled it to learn the Gen Z social media slang stands for “Get Ready with Me.” This regimen-centric trend has skyrocketed in popularity as a means to show off favorite beauty products and fashion picks, racking up over 65 billion views (according to the hashtag #GRWM, and another 10 billion for #GetReadywithMe).

As to be expected, though, the youths have already moved on to the next iteration: getting unready. Influencers are now showing us their end-of-day rituals, whether it’s removing makeup, winding down before bed or applying their 5-step skincare routine. One common denominator we came across in these #guwm reels? A calming, scented body scrub to relax, unwind and take off the day (and exfoliate skin). Their brand of choice: Dr Teal's.

While we’ve all been exfoliating our faces, influencer @cecilybauchmann points out that we’ve neglected to do the same for our bodies. Dr Teal’s body scrubs, with essential oils like rose and citrus, make the winding down process easier while helping to smooth and soften skin in the shower.

Not only do the essential oils lend a light yet transportive fragrance to the Dr Teal’s body scrubs, but the shea butter also helps leave behind skin that’s smoother, softer and more moisturized.

We spotted @brooke_lynnmilne using the scrub before shaving to prep legs and get more out of her routine.

And since the scrubs cost less than our normal morning latte-and-croissant order, we really have zero excuse for not investing in allover silky soft skin. 

Ready to stock up for your own getting unready moment? Shop the full line of scented body scrubs at Walmart.

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