This Gentle, Yet Powerful Facial Cleansing Brush Completely Changed My Skincare Routine

A little over a year ago, I became a first-time mom (yay!). Before, my skincare routine was one of my self-care outlets. Every morning and night I went through the same four steps: cleanse, tone, apply serum and moisturizer. Now? Well, I barely have enough time (or energy) just to cleanse and moisturize, le sigh. So, when I started using the FOREO LUNA 4, the most gentle yet powerful facial cleansing brush you can get, my postpartum skincare routine changed for the better. Read on for my FOREO LUNA 4 review and why I love this 2-in-1 device.

foreo luna 4 review

It’s tailored to my personal skincare needs.

I have combination skin, so my T-zone gets very oily while the rest of my face can suffer from dry, dull patches. Dealing with combination skin is tricky, because anything too heavy will clog those oily spots and anything too light won’t quench the dry ones.

The LUNA 4, by the Swedish beauty brand FOREO, is the softest silicone cleansing brush that’s available in three different types: The purple is for sensitive skin, with the smallest and softest hypoallergenic silicone bristles, the orange is for balanced skin, with small and medium bristles and the green is for combination skin, with a larger surface of medium bristles.

After choosing my device (green, obviously), I was able to customize my entire cleansing routine in the FOREO smartphone app. There are regular, gentle and deep cleansing modes for different skin needs on each area of your face and neck. Plus, there are 16 T-Sonic pulsation intensities to choose from—making the LUNA 4 the most personalized cleansing experience available.

foreo luna 4 review face massager

It’s an ultra-hygienic way to cleanse.

Way back when, I used to own one of those facial cleansing brushes that required users to change out the brush head every few months, and let’s just say I usually lost track of time. Gross, I know. But that’s the beauty of the FOREO LUNA 4. The brush is made of bacteria-resistant, body-safe silicone that’s eco-friendly to boot. These touchpoints are 35 times more hygienic than nylon bristles and are clinically proven to remove 99 percent of dirt, oil and makeup residue. See ya, clogged pores and breakouts.

And thanks to FOREO’s ultra-hygienic silicone, you can enjoy your LUNA 4 device for years without ever having to worry about mold, fungal decay or loss of durability. Did we also mention it’s free of BPA, BPS and phthalates? Bonus: You even get 600 uses per single USB charge.

foreo luna 4 review silicone bristles

It’s made my skin feel softer, smoother and cleaner.

This really is the best and most gentle facial cleansing device. Thanks to my personalized skincare routine, my skin feels refreshed every time I use it. My T-zone feels less oily, and I’ve seen a reduction in the appearance of the larger pores I usually have on my nose and chin. This is largely thanks to the LUNA 4’s 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute that offer a much deeper cleanse than washing by hand.

foreo luna 4 review before and after

If you need a visual, let’s take a look at the image above. These two cotton pads were soaked in micellar water and used after cleansing. The left shows the result after cleansing the face with cleanser and LUNA 4, and the right was used after cleansing the face only with cleanser and hands. Clearly, LUNA 4 is designed to give you a more effective cleansing experience.

If you flip the LUNA 4 over, you can also use it as a firming device. Just like setting up your cleansing routine, you can set up a personalized app-guided massage routine that uses low-frequency pulsations to tackle fine lines and wrinkles while massaging your face, chin and neck.

In addition to this 2-in-1 device, the LUNA 4 Collection includes cleansing devices in all sizes to fit your personal needs:

  • LUNA 4 mini: Ideal for any young skincare enthusiast, this mini-but-mighty cleansing brush is a must-have.
  • LUNA 4 go: For the one who’s always on the move, this is a skincare essential from gym bag to carry-on (yes, it’s TSA-approved).
  • LUNA 4 body: This smart massaging body brush helps improve the appearance of cellulite and prevents ingrown hairs.

The only thing left to do? Pick your device and see what the FOREO LUNA 4 is all about.


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