5 Things to Try to Confidently Face the Holidays

We're looking forward to a feel-good holiday. And we know you are too. Which is why we’re already looking ahead to the little tips and tricks we can use to make our holidays as joyful as possible, since we'll be seeing friends and family we haven't been able to see for a couple years. These five little actions aren’t only easy, they’ll make us more secure knowing we've done everything we can to bring our best selves into holiday 2021.

1. Book Your First Appointment For Free At European Wax Center

There's a big month ahead—don’t forget to book your waxing services in advance to get holiday ready and stay on top of your routine. Most services take only 15 minutes, and they're all performed with as little pain as possible. It's all thanks to the soothing ingredients in the brand's special European, alcohol-free warm wax. New guests are treated to a free brow, underarm, nose, ear or bikini line waxing in an ultra-clean, totally private waxing suite.

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2. Work On Deep Breathing

Sure, wellness practitioners extol the virtues of meditation, but did you know there's an even faster way to get some of the same anti-stress and anti-anxiety benefits? A 2017 study found that deep breathing improves cognition and reduces negative consequences of stress. Start learning the healthiest way to breathe—and explore how just a few minutes of simple inhales and exhales with a wellness app. Bonus: You'll be able to use your breathing tech in busy moments long past the holidays.

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3. Give The Chef A Prezzie (especially If It's You)

Holiday cooking is a special kind of delightful, since the chef gets to prepare a special spread that's classic, satisfying and celebratory. And, the chef has a lot of work, so a little gift that commemorates the holiday, such as an seasonal set of oven mitts or an autumnal pepper mill or even a wine service kit is going to make the whole meal prep that much more fun.

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4. Take An Extra Gift

Whether you're hopping on a plane or inviting friends and family to your home, you'll want to be prepared with a gift for that extra guest or plus-one. We suggest something like a set of aromatic shower steamers that encourages self-care and self-soothing, and can be appreciated by all.

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5. Practice A New (and Easy) Recipe

Whip up a seasonal recipe for the occasion, something sweet (and deceptively easy to bake) like an apple cider caramel poke cake, a gluten-free fig, honey and lemon cake or three-ingredient chocolate cake. If you're planning to serve it at a special dinner or take it along as a host gift, be sure to prepare a test run a week or so ahead of time, so that you can troubleshoot any missing ingredients or tweak your prep. And the best part is you get twice the sweets to share.

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