How to Use Dry Shampoo for Volume

How To Use Dry Shampoo For Volume

You—like pretty much the rest of the female population—are currently obsessed with dry shampoo. It sops up grease, extends an expensive blowout and cuts your morning routine in half. But did you know the magic little product can also be used on clean hair as a root booster? All you need is a can of your favorite dry shampoo (an aerosol spray is better than a powder formula in this case) and a blow-dryer. Watch and learn. 

Using dry shampoo for volume on dry hair:

Step 1: Spray Your Roots Along The Back Of Your Head

We recommend working in sections and using small bursts. 

Step 2: Work It In With Your Fingers

And of course, a few hair flips never hurt. 

Using Dry Shampoo For Volume On Wet Hair:

While you typically reach for the stuff a few days after a blowout, you probably haven’t tried it on just-washed hair. When you use dry shampoo on oily strands, it sops up excess grease. When you apply it to still-wet hair, it binds to each strand, thereby increasing the diameter of each one. (Hence, increasing the volume.) Unlike other volume-building styling products (like gel or mousse), dry shampoo doesn’t have any hold to it. 

Step 1: After Showering, Let Your Hair Air-dry Until It’s About 75 Percent Of The Way Complete

Step 2: Spray Sections Of Hair With The Dry Shampoo From Scalp To Ends

make sure to keep the can at least six inches away from your head so it’s not too concentrated on any particular spot.

Step 3: Blow-dry To Finish.

The result: Light-as-air lift that doesn’t look--or feel--like there’s any product in your hair.

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