You Exfoliate Your Face, But What About Your Butt? Here’s Why the Editor-Favorite Dr Teal’s Body Scrub Is a Must-Have

When you ask most people about their skincare routines, they’ll describe the products they’ve enlisted for their face. But having good body care (skincare from the chest down) is just as important. So why is it so often neglected? Whether from a seeming lack of time (you only have five minutes before the toddler gets up from her nap) or lack of knowledge (many don’t realize your entire body needs exfoliation), our butts—and legs and arms and bellies and backs—get swiped with some soap and left to fend for themselves.

Hey, even as a beauty editor, I was a culprit once upon a time. But Dr Teal’s Shea Sugar Scrub absolutely changed the game for me, and I’m here to share so that your butt can glow like mine. (TMI? Sorry, we’re going there.)

Dr Teal's

Okay. Tell me if you can relate to any one of my struggles: 1) Leggings—especially if I’ve sweat even one iota—that just seem to suffocate my skin (namely my behind);  2) I get razor burn on my legs easily; 3) In the winter, my skin gets dry and scaly and lotion doesn’t seem to be enough.

One? Two? All three? So sorry to hear it. It’s the worst. But the fact is, I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that Dr Teal’s Shea Sugar Scrub has changed my skin and made it smooth, soft, even glowing—and helped solve all three of these body care issues. Here’s how.

It Keeps My Bottom Smooth

When you sweat, your pores get clogged. And when you add tight yoga pants and chafing into the mix, it can lead to irritation, bumps and even rashes. Exfoliating away dead skin cells can help immensely to keep the area clear. I use the Dr Teal’s scrub in my favorite scent (Rose) and it truly makes things so much softer and smoother, right off the bat. I’ll even scoop out some scrub and add a pump of body wash to really get in there. The other reason I love this new ritual is that it washes away quickly, so I don’t have to spend a ton of time making sure I get all the granules off.

It Helps Me to Prevent Razor Burn

Boy, have I learned a lot about shaving over the years. Mainly, that it’s not agreeable with my skin unless I follow some very specific steps. The main one being exfoliation. But I can’t exfoliate with just anything because my legs are also extremely sensitive (I have burned myself several times). Owed to the mix of shea butter, essential oils and the gentleness of the sugar exfoliation, the Dr Teal’s scrub is the only one I trust to do this right. We’ve all used scrubs that feel like there’s nothing to them, and we’ve all used ones that feel like they’re slicing you up. Dr Teal’s is perfectly in the middle and exfoliates my legs in a way that leaves them lovingly prepped for shaving. The result is smooth skin with visibly reduced razor burn, as well as decreased strawberry legs—and if you feel my pain on this subject, you know how major that is.

It Leaves My Skin Feeling Moisturized

Winter. Yes. But also just…life? Why is my skin always so dry now that I’m over 30? I've even been dealing with dead, dry skin that doesn't want to exfoliate on its own and creates an unsightly appearance on my skin. Ugh. So, you bet I took the Dr Teal’s to it immediately. When I use it regularly, it relieves my skin of unnecessary buildup and makes is so touchably soft and smooth. Because the exfoliation is gentle, and the scents are so relaxing, it’s something I’ve genuinely enjoyed working into my routine.

As a mom who struggled without the knowledge of body care for so long, I’m honestly thrilled to impart the wisdom of Dr Teal’s Shea Sugar Body Scrub onto anyone who can relate. It’s a step in your shower routine that’ll only take an extra minute or two, but will make a massive difference in how you feel (I mean, the scents alone!). I can’t wait to teach my daughter the ways of Dr Teal’s when she’s older. We’re breaking cycles here, people!

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