The Best Tips for Curly Hair, Straight from Emmy Rossum’s Personal Stylist

Summer (and ugh, heat and humidity) is in full swing, meaning our curls have gone into panic mode. So when we got the chance to sit down with Emmy Rossum’s stylist, Arsen Gurgov, we took it faster than you can say “frizz.” Here, the four best tips we gleaned from the celeb hairdresser for how he gets clients’ ringlets to look perfectly bouncy (and yet somehow still gorgeously effortless) day after day.

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Never Let Your Stylist Cut Your Hair When Wet

Make sure your stylist is cutting your hair when it’s dry, aka when your hair is in its natural curly state, "so you can account for the curl pattern of the hair when cutting it,” Gurgov says. Also, beware of stylists that straighten your hair before cutting it. “I like to cut curly hair in deep graduated layers depending on the curl pattern so it doesn’t frizz.”

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Avoid Adding Extra Heat (when Possible)

Since overheating the hair does impact the natural curl pattern, try to avoid using your blow dryer or straightener as much as possible (and use these products when you do). Also, if you plan to wear your hair curly most days, let your stylist know. “I recommend asking the stylist to style your hair curly so you can see how much it will shrink compared to when it is blown out straight, and if it will lay right,” Gurgov says.

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Be Careful Not To Over Wash

Sure, some days you absolutely can’t skip the shower, but try not to overdo it on the shampoo to avoid adding frizz. Gurgov told us, “A good tip is to pull your hair back into a ponytail and use the same amount of shampoo as the diameter of your ponytail.” Also, try to only shampoo hair once a week. The rest of the time, you can just rinse your curls with water and before using conditioner.

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Arsen Gurgov

Apply Product Only When Hair Is Completely Wet

“The biggest mistake I often see curly girls make when styling curly and wavy hair is applying styling products to towel-dried or dry hair.” Huge no-no. Instead, styling products should only be applied to hair when it is thoroughly wet. Otherwise, the product will add too much weight to the natural curl pattern and add unnecessary frizz.


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